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Question: Why was I cut?

Answer: There are multiple reasons why a person may have been cut from our Fall Play. Sometimes it's just not the right show for every person, Shakespeare is very unique and extremely difficult. The most prominent reason we had to cut for this particular show was simply that there are just not enough roles to cast every person. The vibes or personalities don't match or fit with the style of the show, maybe a student was not prepared for their auditions, had too many conflicts throughout our rehearsal time, etc. The most important thing to know is that it is not personal. If you would like individualized feedback, I am happy to find a time to help you for your next audition!

Questions: Where is the registration for the fall play?

Answer: Go to 2023-2024 Fall Production Registration (

Question: Why do I need to sign up for Remind and Boosterhub?

Answer: Remind is how Mrs. Fletcher communicates with students and parents. Boosterhub is the home of our theatre website, store, and volunteer info. Our Booster Board and Mrs. Fletcher will send out updates and announcements for Adults here. Boosterhub is also needed if you volunteer for cashier activities at our performances or if you need a reimbursement from the Boosters for expenses paid on volunteer activities.

Question: Where is the Student Handbook for the Fall Play?

Answer: Here's a Link! 

Question: When do rehearsals start for the Fall Play?

Answer: Read Throughs are on 9/13 and 9/14. Rehearsals officially start on 9/19

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